Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I'm back!

The last couple months have been mad busy for me. I've started a new full time gig and a Youtube channel. What can I say,  I'm trying to move work out here and a girl's only got 2 hands in these streets!

PS. You can watch me embarrass myself while I try to figure out how to be a vlogger here.

Outfit details and more photos after the jump!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

PUBLIC DESIRE - My Honest Review!

If Public Desire is not yet on your radar, do you even internet? They're a UK based e-commerce retailer whose shoes you've probably seen on every Instagram girl from coast to coast and beyond. They're most famous for offering designer "inspired" footwear at a hella reasonable price. If you're not about to foot the bill for Yeezy, Vetements, Louis or Gucci, but you're still trying to stunt and look bad and boujee on 'em, Public Desire has got you covered.

I love a bargain, but if there's anything my background as a retail buyer in the footwear world has taught me, it's that for the most part, you get what you pay for. That did not stop me however, from trying out a couple different Public Desire styles. Keep reading for photos, details and my honest thoughts on my picks!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Racial Microaggressions Are Racist, Bro

A microaggression is a casual or subtle comment or action that degrades a visible minority or reinforces stereotypes. A common example is touching a black girl's hair without permission and making unsolicited, intentional or unintentional dehumanizing comments about its texture. If you have done this and gotten away with it before, please make a mental note not to do it again. Just because we didn't call you out or voice our grievances on sight, doesn't mean it's #chill or that we weren't insulted and annoyed. We are people, not animals at a petting zoo.

This post was inspired by a particularly shitty experience I had at a local pub in Toronto called Hurricanes. Yes, I'm calling them out by name. Miley, what's good?

I was having a few drinks with a friend and we had settled up and intended on heading out until we noticed they were setting up for karaoke. Obviously, this meant we had to stay so I could perform my hit single: Pony by Ginuwine. If you know me irl, you know I'm obsessed with that song. So we ordered up another round and grabbed a couple song books to flip through. This is where things took a turn for the worse.

A character and complete stranger to me, who I will refer to as Frat Bro approached me out of nowhere to inform me that "the Beyoncé songs start on the second page." I was taken aback by this and looked at my friend to see if his reaction was the same as mine. I saw the same confused and insulted expression on his face that I could feel crawling across my own. I decided to give Frat Bro the undeserved benefit of the doubt and asked him why he was telling me where the Beyoncé songs were, to which he responded "I'm just letting you know." I took his vague and condescending response as confirmation that my first reaction and assumption were justified. "Is that like... a racist thing?" I asked.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

An Instagram Chronology Of My Obsession With 90s Fashion

I woke up this morning feeling particularly nostalgic and decided to wear this Spice Girls tee and denim shirt around my waist. I ended up really liking this photo that my best friend Kory took of me which inspired me to creep myself on the gram and reminisce on the days when dressing very blatantly like I was from a different decade was kinda my thing. 

Needless to say, I ended up scrolling all the way back to my very first Instagram photo from 2012. It was a different time, a simpler time, a drunker time, a Tumblr a time, a username @deelishusss time. I decided to screenshot some of my favourite moments and share them here since most were posted before even the inception of Regal Rubbish.

Keep reading to laugh at some borderline costume status outfits and read their accompanying un-funny anecdotes. ;)