Saturday, 15 February 2014

(Late) Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I know it may be a little bit late for a post on Valentines Day gift ideas, but if you're anything like me, you probably give amazing non traditional gifts that just come a little bit later. There's nothing wrong with being a late gifter, after all it just means you took all that extra time ensuring that you got the perfect gift...right? Okay, that or you forgot, but let's just stick with the first one.

So if you're having trouble finding the perfect gift for your valentine and don't want to go the traditional route of flowers and chocolates, here's a little bit of help.


A watch. You can never really go wrong with getting a man a watch. It's safe without being boring. Go for something a little bit different than what he is used to wearing every day without straying too far from his personal style. Give him the watch that he will pick over his others for all his special events, the watch that he will get complimented on time after time again, and the watch that will make sure he's on time for all your dates. I got just that watch this year for my birthday.

A luxurious scarf. What better way to stay warm and survive this crazy winter we've been having. A nice cashmere scarf will keep him arm all winter, which hopefully won't last too much longer, but at least he'll have an amazing scarf for next year. *COUGHbuymeoneCOUGH*

A gym bag packed with his favourite things. If he already goes to the gym then this is a great gift,  if he doesn't... then he now had a little push to start. You're welcome. The gifts inside can range from cologne to his favourite chocolates. Anything goes with this. And you don't really need to wrap it! Stick a bow on the bag and you're set! 


Before you freak out we're not suggesting you head down to Birks and get her that ring... No definitely not. Get her a couple pieces of jewellery that you know will get a lot of use, or something amazing that she'll use on those very special nights out.... or alone just for you on those special nights in.

Clothing. Now this one's a little bit risky, but if you're the type who actually pays attention to what she wears then I'm sure you've got a pretty good feel for what she likes. So why not get her something that you know she'd love, and that you'd love to see her in. A little black dress maybe?

Handbags. Women love purses. That is a fact. She carries a bag every day, so we already know that another one won't hurt. A nice large everyday bag to throw all of her things in during the day or a nice envelope clutch for the night. And you can also fill it with some of her favourite things.

*All womens gift ideas available at Style Faux Pas either online or in person at the boutique.

Images are linked to where to buy items!

Hopefully I was able to help you guys out! Happy gift hunting!

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