Friday, 28 August 2015

Atypical Jays Gear

I find that fans of our city's sports teams tend to be very possessive of their fandoms and are constantly up in arms over the hordes of Jays or Raptors fans that suddenly appear when the teams see success. I personally see no harm in celebrating our cities successes whether you're a ~hardcore fan since day one~ or someone who is enthusiastic about Toronto wins in general. I'm 'sporting' (horrible pun from the Dee George school of comedy) a pastel pink striped Jays cap and an outfit reminiscent of something my mother may have worn to a game in the 90s. Some may call matching your hat to your shirt to your nails to your toes, a fashion don't. Ignore them, if it tickles your fancy, it's always fashion DO.

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Jays Hat: New Era (Similar here)
Top: American Apparel (Available here)
Kimono: American Apparel(Available here)
Jeans: Vintage (Similar here)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (Available here)

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