Monday, 1 August 2016


Do you ever have a have a sudden vision of yourself with a certain hairstyle or outfit and then make it your mission to turn it into reality? I definitely do, and this was one of those looks.

All summer I've been talking about wanting to wear my hair in braids the way I did when I was a kid for a few reasons:

1. It's low maintenance AF. No heat and very little product needed to maintain the steez.
2. It keeps your natural tresses tucked away and protected from the #sus elements Mother Nature insists on imposing on us.
3. It allows you to experiment with colours and lengths with literally no commitment and no damage.
4. I am still caught in my infamously endless cycle of bangs - currently growing them out again. Having my weird in between length bangs braided back and out of my face is super helpful.
5. I've recently been trying to embrace my culture more, and being a fashion/beauty blogger, experimenting with more traditionally black hairstyles is an accessible way to do just that.

So! I was perusing my local Cloré Beauty Supply as I do every time I need to replace my shampoo or conditioner, and got to chatting with one of the sales people (I think we started talking because she complimented me on my ice cream, but that is a whole other story.) She ended up telling me that there was a salon in the store and that they had a promotion going on for all new clients. So obviously I was like "Sick. It's lit. Book me in, ASAP. Getting my hair braided. Swag." Just kidding, I definitely didn't say all that, but I did make an appointment.

I have this really crazy vision of myself with long white hair, a white dad hat, and a white velvet dress. If anyone wants to invite me to an all white party, please do,  I will come and I will wear this outfit. This vision inspired me to get my braids done in white for round one. I purchased a pack of silver hair and a couple packs of a shade that matches my natural colour for next time. 

You will definitely see me in variations of this style more frequently in the near future!