Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Stush Extensions is a unique Toronto based beauty boutique and spa experience with a sweet little home on King St. West. They do everything from custom hair extensions, to lash extensions to mani/pedis and they have their own house line of luxury Siberian mink strip lashes. I was stoked when they reached out to me because I love adding local products to my beauty arsenal.

I'm rocking one of their super pretty 3D lash styles Posh in this look. They're quite full but still wispy enough to blend seamlessly with my natural lashes. I joke on Instagram all the time that my glam lashes feel like tiny baseball caps on my eyes but in contrast, these beauties are so soft, light and flexible that I actually forget I'm wearing them!

You can check Stush Extensions out here for more info and if you're in the 6ix you should totally pay them a visit at 580 King St. West!

More photos below!

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